This is a great day! Downloaded FileMaker Go for iPhone in the middle of the night, and when I arrived at the office, I connected to our databases and started using them from my iPhone, without any changes required.

Of course there is lots to do, making some customized layouts and scripts, adding a capture for the platform in the opening script, and generally just finding all kinds of new ways to work with our information from iPhone and iPad. We’re having a great time thinking what FileMaker Go can do for our clients. This is a whole new kind of freedom.

There are already lots of resources, and FileMaker is adding sessions to DevCon. Here is just a sampling of links for FileMaker Go …

On twitter, check #filemakergo and #filemaker and #filemakerdevcon and check some of these folks for more …

@AudreyRae @stephenknight @agir @honza24u @FileMakerInc @fmpug @happyten @filemakersecure @filemaker_pro  @ChrisKubica @baseelements

Thank you to all those folks and more for getting us rolling on Day 1. Thank you to FileMaker for making and supporting great software. Check with your favorite FileMaker plug-in and product developers. There is a lot out there! Aloha 🙂